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Regardless of your opinions on stars' private lives, speculating about whether an actor is gay or not is older than Hollywood itself. Take a look through this list of actors rumored to be gay - you might be surprised at who you find.

Beginner Workout Tips. I know a lot of guys wanna improve their strength, and summer is definitely a good time for that. Many of us have more free time now that it's summer. If you can, find a friend to work out with. Put the offer out there, and you'd be surprised who might say yes.

Well I have a pretty good gaydar...just from the way he talks in the videos, the pink shoes, and the fact that he comes off really flamboyant in the Hip Hop Abs advertisement that comes on after a workout it's pretty easy to discern that he's gay. Booster37 Worst Supporting Actor. Joined: Jul 6, 2004.

Peter Paige is an accomplished actor, director, and playwright who has worked on countless theatrical productions in New York and at regional theaters around the country, not to mention numerous television and film projects.

Essentially, the actors were training for performance - and the look came with it. The average celebrity trainer would have trained the actors to look like Spartan Warriors - Mark Twight put the actors in 300 through workouts that April 1, 2007 at 8:45 AM. body builders are fucking gay. Reply. kate says.

Contrary to what the star of The Martian says, the press didn't twist his words about why actors should keep their sexuality private.

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