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Принц Уильям снялся для ведущего британского гей-журнала Attitude. Об этом сообщает Mirror со ссылкой на главу ассоциации Glifaa, защитника прав ЛГБТ-сообщества Крега Петти. Gay.Ru Подготовил Никита Терский Фото cnn.

Принц Уильям сфотографировался для обложки издания Attitude, пропагандирующего гомосексуальные связи. Этот случай стал первым в истории, когда член британской королевской семьи снялся для обложки гей-издания.

TAP TO VIEW GALLERY Prince William became the first British royal to cover a gay magazine. HRH was later photographed by Leigh Kelly for the cover, and opened about his time with the LGBT+ individuals. Royal news: All the best photos of royalty from February 2018.

поделиться ещё пост. Принц Уильям снялся для гей-журнала. Кто подставил кролика Роджера (14 фото). Вратарь сделал себе отличный подарок на 30-летие, забив гол с 60 метров.

Принц Уильям. Фото: GLOBAL LOOK press. Лицо наследника британского престола появилось на обложке самого продаваемого в Великобритании гей-журнала Attitude.

Prince William has appeared on the cover of the latest issue of U.K. gay magazine Attitude, marking the first time a member of the British royal family has been photographed for the cover of a LGBT+ publication.

Prince William will appear on the July cover of Attitude speaking out against homophobia, the first time a British royal has been photographed for the front of a gay Week in photos: The images you must see. 'There's no training for this': Owners of home tied to Bruce McArthur allowed to return.

Prince William on gay magazine 'Attitude' front page. It is really easy to say if you read the article, which admits that they aren't really pictures of Prince Charles! The Globe claims that it supposedly saw similar photos, but isn't publishing those.

Prince William becomes first Royal to feature on cover of a gay publication (Photo: @AttitudeMag / Leigh Kelly) #PrinceWilliam breaking down those stereotypes!

Catherine Tresa Photos. DJ Priyanka Latest Photos. Triveni Rao New Photos. Manasuku Nachindi Movie Team At Kasturba G... Breaking all stereotypes Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge has appeared on a cover of a gay magazine.

Prince William is making history as the first member of the Royal Family to be photographed for the cover of a gay magazine. He posed for the cover of UK's Attitude following a discussion about LGBT bullying with members of the community.

Photo. Prince William, right, and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, signed a book of condolences on But Prince William's decision to allow himself to be photographed for a gay magazine, Ms. Chernock said, shows a royal "pushing the envelope further than we've seen before."

Days after the Orlando massacre, Attitude magazine is publishing a historic interview and photo shoot with the future king Prince William has been photographed for the cover of Britain's bestselling gay magazine, Attitude, making him the first member of the royal family to pose for an LGBT title.
Picture : Prince William Has Become The First Royal To Pose For A Gay...


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