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I dont think they are gay but some people say they are and write stories about them being gay but I say no. I should know I love Yu Yu Hakusho.

So, wether or not Kurama is gay or bi, I think he has a thing with Hiei. This forum is for debating about whether or not Hiei and Kurama are gay, not if being gay is right or wrong.

If Kurama was gay. revised - Duration: 2:53. Anything Kurama Can Do Hiei Can Do Better - Duration: 3:19. WaterMasterZita 13,071 views.

Hiei and Kurama are no more gay then batman and robin. No one can stop people from depicted two cartoon characters as gay if gay people want to make them that way.

i love how they brag about how strong the other is to the guys im on ep 19 pls no spoilers i KNOW they're gay tho yyh yu yu hakusho hiei x kurama kurama x hiei yyh hiei hiei yoko kurama gay!!!

Gay duh their cute together. vs. No Hiei or Kurama is mine so STRAIGHT. animerox3 posted over a year ago. view results | next poll >>.
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