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Special Snowflake Samuel Alito Is Very Worried Anti-Gay Activists Will Be Called Mean Names.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says that the recent decision legalizing gay marriage could have lasting implications because it redefines the legal definition of liberty.

Derogatory speech about gays is part of free speech. (Jan 2006) Anti-gay funeral pickets intend emotional distress. (Mar 2011) International Court not grounds for stay of execution. (Jul 2011). Samuel Alito on Drugs.

Poor Samuel Alito! The Supreme Court justice has so much to be upset about. But in spite of all that, gay people can get married in America—and that makes Alito very sad.

...same-sex marriage bans, Justice Samuel Alito notes that not all cultures that historically rejected same-sex marriage were hostile to gays

Gay Pride flag burning at Albion College ignored by school officials? UPDATE: College responds. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito dismisses right-wing fundraising as "not important."

Gay/Signals. United Socialist States of America. Dictionary. Samuel Alito agrees with Rush, Muslims are not American! Rush is right!!!

Is Samuel Alito gay or straight? We don't know for a fact whether Samuel Alito is gay, bisexual or straight. However, feel free to tell us what you think!
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